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Anhui Moker New Material Technology CO,.Ltd

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About us

Anhui Moker New Material Technology CO,.Ltd founded in 2006. And now our headquarter is in Hefei, Anhui province. We are a enterprise specializing in raw materials and pharmaceutical chemicals'  production and researching. Our main products are involved in pharmaceutical intermediate, pharmaceutical raw materials and plan extracts. Moker owns the best safe management systems for we has already gotten the certification of ISO 9001:2015. Moker has formed a globe-customer system with many research centers, pharmaceutical companies, chemical factories all over the world. Anhui Moker is full of excellent chemists, precise equipments. We have the capacity to provide and produce products from grams to ton. We can satisfy the requirementof free samples. And we also  support to customize some special products. So all of the methods that we take guarantee that our customers can get the cheapest and best products.


Company history

Factory founded in 2006, specialized in production of household chemicals.

Our company built research center and was dedicated to the research of new product since 2010.

In 2012, Our company set a production base around 15000 square meter, which is located in the chemical district in Hefei.

We changed company’s development route from the production of household chemicals to mid-to-high end pharmaceutical intermediate.

Since 2017, cooperating with other 7 better factories, our products has been involved into more chemical areas.

We set our sale headquarters in Luyang district, Hefei city in 2019. Our headquarters in Hefei covers an area of 150 square meter.  We registered a new business license and started to open an online shop in e-commerce platform such as Made in China and Echemi.

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Anhui moker new material technology Co., Ltd. It is a combination of pharmaceutical intermediates, plant extracts, chemical products, etc., and has made major breakthroughs.

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