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Products' Applications In Different Areas

MOKER - Specializes in the production and research of raw materials and pharmaceutical chemicals
  • With A Better And Healthier Physique

    Chemical products can enhance your body function in dealing with the invasion of many kinds of virus and bacteria. Also, gaining muscle and slimming are a strength of chemical products.

     With A Better And Healthier Physique
  • Application In Beauty

    Chemicals applied in beauty not only tighten the skin, but also enhance the activity of skin, which means the "young appearance forever" and better shape. Also products in hair beauty can make you get rid of problem of losing your hair and strengthen hair growth. Chemicals applied in raw materials can promote the innovations of fine chemical cosmetics.
     Application In Beauty
  • Application In Pharmacy

    Some chemicals can make body or parts of body lose feelings especially like pains temporarily irreversible. This function can be often used in surgery or treatments of some diseases.

     Application In Pharmacy
  • Application In Chemical Research

    Compared with finished drug form, pharmaceutical raw materials are better in price and requirements for chemical research. Choosing raw materials for researching new chemicals and chemical experiments is the best choice.
     Application In Chemical Research
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Anhui moker new material technology Co., Ltd. It is a combination of pharmaceutical intermediates, plant extracts, chemical products, etc., and has made major breakthroughs.

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